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Johnny Weir Daily

your daily dose of Johnny Weir

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your daily dose of Johnny Weir
A Johnny Weir Daily Picture Community
1. No hotlinking.
2. Moderators will make official daily posts.
3. Members are also welcome to post. (Any post that contains a picture or video of Johnny is welcome.)
4. Please provide sources when you know them. (If anything used here is yours, leave a comment if you'd like to be given credit or have it taken down.)
5. Use an LJ-cut if you post more than one picture! Please cut (or scale) photos wider than 500 pixels.

Play nice and have fun!

Posting Schedule:
Mondays elle_velle
Tuesdays blue_eye
Thursdays and Saturdays reet
Sundays and Wednesdays zhonnika

NB! Currently looking for someone to post on Fridays! (Contact reet if you wish to join the team.)

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